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Dr. Jay treats the cause of your pain - not just its outward symptom!

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Are you “managing” lower back pain, “coping” with a hip problem or a stiff neck?  Do migraines spoil your plans?  Maybe the agony of a repetitive stress or sports injury just flared up. You feel that medication is undesirable for the long haul, and fear surgery as a last resort.  If you want to get back to the top of your game, you need a specialist who can locate and treat the cause of your distress – not just the immediate discomfort you are experiencing.           

MEET DR. JAY, the “go to” chiropractor for the greater Beverly Hills Community. Some patients travel from as far as Las Vegas to see Dr. Jay because he is unique in his field. He will get to the root of your problem and find the ideal treatment solution for you.  Starting with his thorough initial consultation and examination, you will become a partner in this process.  You will gain a full understanding of your diagnosis and benefit from Dr. Jay’s experience (over 20 years in private practice).  In addition, he’s brilliant at finding ways to enhance your healing process through improved nutrition.   

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Few doctors will devote a full hour interviewing you for the first and even for subsequent treatments. Few doctors are as involved with and available to their patients as Dr. Jay (see WHAT TO EXPECT). He treats the whole patient, the individual patient, and firmly believes that the knowledgeable patient gets the most out of treatment (see his patient TESTIMONIALS). For answers to some very commonly asked questions please see WHY CHIROPRACTIC?

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Our CONTACT US page will put you in touch with Dr. Jay by phone, or email. You can schedule an appointment via the Internet, and even fill out the patient forms in advance. We look forward to meeting you!


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